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Miltos Manetas Web Art[]

Okay, there is an incredibly fun program on the web by Miltos Manetas, that allows you to create your own Jackson Pollock style paintings. If you had a really good printed and use excellent paper, I can imagine a group of kindergarten or grade one students going wild. They could do as many Pollock-style works as they wanted, you could print some of the best, and then crop and mount the class's best for a group project.

Manetas Web Art

Children Armed with Paint![]

Hi Kathleen,

My idea would be for a Jackson Pollock paint spaltter canvas. 4CatsArtStudio in North Vancouver will do this theme with the whole class on a huge canvas and the entire class can do it. (I have done this with my daughter's birthday (Grade 1 - Div 16) and the owner is more than accomadating) She could set everything up for us at a small cost.

Thanks, Cathy Danyi

Co-Chair EPJ

Thanks so much Cathy. Much better idea than the program. I'd looked at the website for 4Cats but I had not personal experience with them so....

Here's the 4Cats web link: 4 Cats Art Studio