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See what our PJ kids are creating!

Please send me your ideas and photographs for posting — or join Wiki and post your projects yourself!!

Kids Create!

Come and see what everyone is doing for the Gala!

Divisions 17 & 18: Kindergarten Kids Lights Up the Gala!

1244974317 e99f1bab87.jpg
Ingo Maurer, Blushing Zettel'z

Divisions 17 & 18 are teaming up to create two very wonderful Igno Maurer-style chandeliers. These are those wonderful paper and wire chandeliers that you have all oggled at Inform or in architectural magasines. Each student will be creating a work of art which will be transferred onto a piece of luminiscent acetate and then hung on his or classes chandelier. Lit chandeliers will be displayed on special
Igo Maurer, Blushing Zettlel'
stands at the Gala.

Div. 10: Flower Power with Bobbie Burgers

Bobbie Burgers Take Notice 8425 58.jpg
Bobbie Burgers, Take Notice

Once again, PJ parents can look forward to a co-operative painting done by Bobbie Burgers and their children. For those new to PJ, Bobbie Burgers is an acclaimed Canadian artist, famous for her virbrant and luxuriant florals and landscapes. Lucky students!

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