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Victor Vasarely is perhaps the best known of the Op artists. You can see a wide selection of his paintings on the followisn website:Vasarely Paintings

Vasarely, Cube V

Given the complexity of his paintings, and the precision which is required to render them, I wasn't very optimistic that one could find a good project to do for this particular kind of occasion. (Op art is a lots of fun for kids and it makes a great classroom project. The question is how to do a project that makes a good auctionable item at a charity, one that people want to have on their walls.)

Fortunately, there is a certain style of Vasarely that would work well—paintings divided into a grid, with the same or similar forms in each grid. The "art" part of the painting is how the whole thing works together —the colour principles that are applied on the micro level (each block in the grid) and how that interacts with the play of colour at the macro level.

The works below, or very similar projects, would work well in a number of mediums. If you doing very small blocks, you might consider foam printing; if you are doing larger blocks you could consider painting. Myself, I find those teeny, tiny

Vasarely Orion C

squares, taken together, pretty amazing as a play in colour — but that is just me.

Some good Vasarely works on which to model a project...

This would be a fun one to do ... You would use a negative print, such that what is inked is the background not the subject (the circle or other shape). With print foam, you take a your object (say a wooden cut-our of a circle, available at craft stores) and press that figure into the foam. Now carefully ink the backgroud. The tricky bit: registration or getting everything to line up. You'd need to draw your grid in light pencil and think up a scheme so that the print place get placed in just the right place...


More soon....